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marketing data

How to use your marketing data to drive your Black Friday campaigns

Black Friday has become a key sales date in the year as customers look for the best deals in the approach to Christmas. As most business’s marketing activities will be in full swing by this point in November, we are going to take a look at the sometimes-overlooked area of marketing data and how it can help you following a busy campaign period.

The importance of your marketing data

marketing data

Once a full-scale marketing drive like Black Friday has come to a close, there’s little breathing space for businesses before the big Christmas push. Unfortunately, due to this, many businesses will not take enough time to review their campaign data in order to better inform their next marketing campaigns.

What marketing data should I be looking at?

When it comes to your marketing data, you will want to review any and all that you can get hold of. Use the date from various sources to see where your marketing activities join up and where there are any gaps. This will help you to build an overall picture of your campaign and its successes and failures.

The analytics from your digital ads, social media posts and website traffic and activity, alongside your sales successes and customer feedback, are all important data sources when it comes to reviewing your marketing campaigns.

How will this marketing data help?

Reviewing the various sources of marketing data can help you to build a picture of your previous campaigns and, most importantly, see if they reached the goals you were aiming for. It will also help you in understanding your customer’s behaviours, so you can better target and construct your campaigns next time round.

Your marketing data is also useful for optimising your website to better guide your customers through the sales funnel to checkout and for optimising the content of your blogs, social posts and ads.

For example, you may notice that visitor traffic to your website drops off on a product page, which shows that this page needs to be reviewed and optimised. You might also get asked questions on your social channels about the benefits of a certain product, which you can then explain through your blogs and social posts.

How should I approach reviewing my marketing data?

Reviewing your marketing data is not a static activity. You’ll need to implement a review process that follows each campaign and use it to plan for the next. As data sources change, for example with Google’s move to GA4, so should your review process. Equally, you will want to stay informed of new features coming out on ad platforms and consider how your previous data can help you take advantage of new opportunities.

The take away

We appreciate that all of this can sound like a lot of work, especially if you feel your marketing campaigns have not achieved the successes you hoped for. But, you can be assured that by repeatedly reviewing your campaign data, you will be able to build a clear picture of your marketing activities and create a solid base with which to approach your future campaigns. Remember, your marketing data is the route to success!


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