Social Media marketing

Social Media

Social Media

This fast-moving marketing tool can have a lot to offer, but can also easily become a black hole of time wasting.

The key to effective social media engagement is about knowing your ideal clients. Considering where your clients will go to get information, be entertained, or finding solutions to problems, is important in determining what social media channels you need to use and what type of content to put out there.

In the same respect, advertising on social media can be highly effective or a loss of revenue if not carefully thought through.

We have found that effective social media use is a journey of structured testing. Decisions needs to be data driven, utilising analytics and tested through different campaigns and messaging.

Our approach

In our culture of online communication, social media will form a crucial part of your marketing strategy. We will work with you to identify who you want to attract, the outcomes you want to reach and how best to put your message across, while measuring and monitoring cost against engagement. The functionality and optimisation of different social media platforms can be daunting. We are here to help explain and advise on the current uses, trends and engagement on the different social networks.

What other marketing tools should you consider with social media?

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