Content marketing6 key marketing trends to look out for in 2024
key marketing trends for 2024

6 key marketing trends to look out for in 2024

Keeping on top of the latest marketing trends will be essential for businesses in 2024. Now more than ever, technology is changing the way in which marketing must operate. With the fast-paced advancement of AI tech in the sector (and beyond), business marketing is a changing landscape. If taken advantage of, it can put companies well-ahead of their competitors in terms of branding, content, campaigns and, most essential, data-driven marketing. So, what key marketing trends do you need to watch out for in 2024?

Creator marketing

key marketing trends for 2024

Creator marketing is about creating strong and long-term connections with your target audience through engaging, informative and brand driven content. Content creators are fast becoming the new retailers for B2Cs and sales support for B2Bs, that is, they are on the front line of business promotion and driving bottom-funnel marketing conversions through a broad range of platforms.

This approach to content creation is strategy driven, in that it is much less about singular promotions and instead focuses on how content creation can support the overarching marketing strategy goals.

Focused creator driven campaigns with wide-reaching, targeted activity, which is directed by good quality marketing data, is by far the best marketing investment we would suggest to businesses for the coming year.

Employees as influencers

It has been fascinating to see how influencers have changed business marketing. But equally fascinating is how influencers themselves have changed considerably. One major change has been the growth of employee influencers.

Customers and clients have become savvy to the overt sales tactics adopted by many influencers, the worst of which have little knowledge or interest in the brands they are promoting. But, on the other side of this coin, many more customers are avidly listening to the personal opinions of employees and their unique knowledge and passion for their business. From TikTok videos to Trustpilot staff reviews, businesses who have built staff involvement and motivation into their management models from the ground up are now reaping the marketing benefits of employee influencers.

Employee influencers are truly a ‘soft power’ approach when it comes to marketing a brand.

Brand awareness

As much as emerging tech and AI has become an almost obsessive distraction to business owners who are seeking out quick-fix approaches to their marketing strategy, nothing will ever beat a well-targeted and managed brand awareness campaign.

2024 sees an ever-increasingly competitive market for all sectors and a sure way to get your business in-front of the right potential customers is through data-driven, progressive brand awareness campaigns.

Remaining politically sensitive in an election year

As the year is young, many will not yet be focused on the fact that 2024 is an election year for many key economies, including the UK and US. The best predictability for these elections, especially in the age of AI, is unpredictability. As the year progresses, it will become crucial for brands to be on point with what they are, and are not, promoting and how it could feed into this narrative. While trust and transparency will be key, humour could also be a strong communication tool as political activity heightens. Tread carefully!

AI and personalised content

There is no double that AI will change the way in which marketing content is created for businesses, although, from our experience, there are still quite a few kinks to get sorted out. However, the influence of AI should be broadly welcomed. It is a tool that can free up admin heavy marketing jobs, allowing content creators to remain focused on strategy and researching the best avenues for engagement.

One huge task for content marketers is keeping their content fresh at a time when consumers can easily fatigue in an over saturated market. AI can be a very useful tool in keeping content fresh, as long as it is managed well and remains personalised and relevant. As a tool, AI cannot be effective without sound input, and this is why content management will continue to play a key role in 2024.

Following data trends, AI and martech

Marketing activities produce a sea of data to be analysed, from which future marketing activities will build upon. The trends from this data can help to really focus future campaigns and to build lead gen activities. AI will increasingly become a helpful tool to conduct such analysis, enabling marketing managers to make even more informed decisions on where budgets should be spent.

At the base of this sits martech, which will become governed by the power of machine learning. For this reason, the sooner businesses can make an informed decision on the best martech to adopt for their business, the better set up they will be to reap the benefits going forward.


Working with a knowledgeable outsourced marketing team can help set your business up for the year to come and keep your marketing activities focused in the right direction for continued growth.

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