Brand MarketingWhat is the best approach for marketing a growing business?
marketing a growing business

What is the best approach for marketing a growing business?

As micro and small businesses expand into larger enterprises, many aspects may change within the company. New staff and specialists may be brought in and premises may need upgrading. But your marketing will also be a fundamental area when it comes to your business growth. 

How your brand is perceived will play a key role in its growth, as will its reach to new potential customers and clients. But what is the best approach for marketing a growing business? Here, we take a look at some key areas to consider that will enable your business to continue to thrive.

Building your messaging as a team

marketing a growing business

Business growth occurs for many reasons, through increased need for particular products and services, or through the merger of different independent parties/businesses. Whatever the situation, as your business expands it becomes even more important that your messaging is unified and consistent. This goes for your marketing activities, but also any communication within and outside of your organisation.

Marketing strategy

Creating a clear marketing strategy that outlines the aims of your growing brand and the method to implement them across the board is very valuable at this stage. Your marketing strategy can also provide clear guidance for management and staff on how the business should be presented. 

Your team

Your team also has a valuable presence in your growing brand. Building out team profiles on your website and LinkedIn and introducing them on social channels and through newsletters is very useful in highlighting your business growth, putting a face to your people and marketing the specialisms and experience in your company.

Building out your products and services

As you grow, so will your products or services, which will need greater representation through your marketing activities.


  • How you represent your service sectors or your product categories on your website in a logical and easy to access way for your customers
  • If you need to create more landing pages to expand your reach to different audiences, or to present your expanded services
  • If your brand is appearing on the right social channels for your audience and increasing your presence in line with your growth.

Branding for your growing business

As your business grows your branding will need to be reviewed. The branding of a micro enterprise will be very different to that of a medium-sized business. Consider if your branding is conveying your business size, if it is professional enough and if it represents your values as a business while also appealing to your expanding market.

As you revise your brand you will also want to run regular awareness campaigns to get your new branding out there and in front of your target audience.

Reassuring your core base while expanding your customer reach

Marketing a growing business can be a balancing act. On the one hand you will want to keep your relationships with existing clients who already have an expectation about your company. And, on the other, you will want to appeal to new customers that are expecting different services and experiences.

This is often the downfall of companies that expand quickly without considering their marketing strategy. If existing clients no longer know who they are dealing with or feel service standards have changed for the worse, they will go elsewhere.

The key here is communication, professionalism and reassurance. Consider how your marketing can reach both new and existing customers to convey these changes. Employ social media campaigns, mailers and newsletters, regularly update your website and, particularly for professional services, talk one-to-one with your clients.

Blogging can also be a great way to reach a broader selection of customers while answering their queries in detail and passively promoting your processes, specialisms and professionalism. Think about the questions you are being asked, they often make a great blog title!

Marketing infrastructure

As a smaller business, it is unlikely that you needed a comprehensive marketing infrastructure. But, now you are growing, the implementation of this can be vital in maintaining your service, reaching the right people and keeping track of what is and isn’t working in your marketing strategy. You may want to implement a CRM system, a more structured and professional website and marketing applications. Working with a marketing professional to get this implementation right from the outset can save a lot of headaches down the line and ensure what you are implementing is right for your particular business.

The take away

For your growing business to continue its success, you will need a clear and comprehensive marketing strategy that is reviewed regularly as you expand.

An outsourced marketing team can bring a wealth of experience and cross sector knowledge to support your business growth.

If you would like to find out more about how Dataholix can help your business, please do get in touch.

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